As the campaign season for Telluride's Town Council draws to a close, it's essential to take the time to get to know the candidates beyond their formal events. In the latest episode of my podcast series, Telluride Uncovered, we delve into the fascinating journey of Lee Shea Betton, a reformed New Yorker turned Telluride local, who transitioned from the advertising industry to lodging to real estate, ultimately becoming an active voice in local politics. Betton’s unique perspective illuminates the often misunderstood role of real estate agents in shaping our community, and offers a compelling argument for the importance of diverse representation in local politics.

Lee Shea's Telluride story begins 10 years ago in the bustling lanes of New York City, where she was immersed in the fast-paced world of medical advertising. Seeking a change, she embarked on a sabbatical to the serene beauty of Telluride. Unexpectedly, she found herself drawn to the tight-knit community and unique lifestyle, leading her to put down roots and embark on a new career path in real estate. Her experience and insights gained through working in the lodging and real estate industries in Telluride equip her with a comprehensive understanding of the town's unique dynamics and challenges.

One of the key insights Lee Shea shares is the often overlooked, yet vital role that real estate agents play in shaping communities. Real estate transactions aren't just about buying and selling properties; they carry a significant influence on community development, economic growth, and local policies. She argues that real estate professionals, armed with in-depth knowledge of local dynamics and trends, can bring valuable insights and balance to local political discussions.

As Lee Shea steps into the political ring as a candidate for Telluride's Town Council, she seeks to bring diversity, balance, and representation to the forefront of local politics. Her vision is rooted in listening to the community's needs, and her dedication to the town is evident as she outlines her plans for enriching Telluride's future.

Lee Shea’s ambition is to facilitate a collective conversation and instigate collective changes. She emphasizes the importance of giving back to the community and aims to ensure that Telluride continues to provide and give to its residents and visitors. Her candidature is not just about winning an election, but about contributing her time, energy, and skills for the betterment of the community she calls home.

Leigh Shea Benton's journey, from the vibrant heart of New York City to the tranquil mountains of Telluride, offers a unique perspective on community growth, local politics, and the significant role of real estate. As she charts her path in the political landscape of Telluride, her insights and experiences serve as a valuable lesson for all who aspire to make a positive impact in their communities.

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