Cap Lifted on Short-Term Rental Licenses

The cap on short-term rental licenses within the Town of Telluride expired on November 2, 2023. New short-term rental business license applications are now being processed. Any new licenses received over the next two months will still be processed under the existing licensing and fee structure, and will expire on December 31, 2023.


Telluride Town Council Passes New Short-Term Rental Policy

The Town of Telluride will implement new short-term rental licensing software in 2024 with new licensing categories, fee structure, and compliance requirements. 2024 renewals will be available as soon as possible in 2024, but not prior to January 1, 2024.

What are the new 2024 categories and fees?

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As the campaign season for Telluride's Town Council draws to a close, it's essential to take the time to get to know the candidates beyond their formal events. In the latest episode of my podcast series, Telluride Uncovered, we delve into the fascinating journey of Lee Shea Betton, a reformed New Yorker turned Telluride local, who transitioned from the advertising industry to lodging to real estate, ultimately becoming an active voice in local politics. Betton’s unique perspective illuminates the often misunderstood role of real estate agents in shaping our community, and offers a compelling argument for the importance of diverse representation in local politics.

Lee Shea's Telluride story begins 10 years ago in the bustling lanes of New York…

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It's the most beautiful time of year in Telluride! The aspens are golden, the peaks are white, and I'm still amazed to call this magical place home.

With Winter approaching, I wanted to check in and give you a quick Telluride Update. As always, if you have plans to be in Telluride this winter, please reach out; I'd love to see you. Please consider me your local resource - I love advising where to ski, activities for kids, places to eat, etc. 



Ski Season

Check out the new winter teaser video just released by Telski and start getting amped for ski season! 

The Mountain tentatively opens on November 23rd. Passes and tickets are on sale now! Get yours at the link below:

Get Ski Passes & Lift Tickets


Winter Flight…

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While everyone is still coming down from the high of the most epic winter EVER, it's finally starting to feel like Spring in Telluride! With our snowpack peaking at 200% of normal and warmer temps on the way, lots of water adventures and wildflower hikes are sure to be enjoyed soon. With summer in mind, I wanted to reach out and give you a quick update on a few important things (see below). Let me know if you plan to be in Telluride this summer. I'd love to see you!

It's Almost Festival Season

May 25 - 29 / get tickets
Speakers include Bill McKibben, Teal Lehto, Cheryl Strayed, & Tom Shadyac, discussing topics from climate change and water to disturbance and artificial intelligence.

June 15 -…

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On December 21, 2022, the San Miguel County District Court reversed the May 2022 decision by the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) to rezone a 39-acre portion of the Diamond Ridge property to the newly created high-density Community Housing (CH) zone. This reverts the property to its original low-density Forestry-Agricuture (F) zone.

This means that the proposed "The Ridge" affordable housing development on Deep Creek Mesa, planning to consist of 150-780 units on 39 acres, will no longer be possible under the F zoning that allows for 1 dwelling per 35 acres.

The court deemed the rezoning to be unlawful for two reasons:

  1. San Miguel County Commissioner Hilary Cooper was found to be biased due to extensive ex parte communications over the…

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The famous ski tree has been lit, marking the official start of the holiday season here in Telluride. It's great to be skiing again and there are some exciting events and adventures on deck for the winter - see details below. I hope to see you in the coming weeks, please reach out so that we can take some runs together or meet up for dinner. If you have any questions in anticipation of your visit, I'm happy to help!


NEW! An interactive, multi-media art installation that evokes the wonder of the mountains. Happening daily at 5pm at Reflection Plaza.
more info
Get thrown into a night of mystery, intrigue, and murder you will…

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The Gondola closed for the summer season at midnight on Sunday, October 16th, marking the unofficial start of Telluride's fleeting fall "off-season." Many local business owners use this quieter time as an opportunity to deep clean their spaces, restock, travel, or simply take some well-deserved time off in order to regroup before the upcoming ski season. 

However, not all businesses close for the entire shoulder season (or at all). Below is a list of restaurants that remain open, organized by meal:
Breakfast & Coffee:
Cindy Bread (Lawson Hill): Open M-F 7AM-12:30PM Silver Pick Coffee (Mountain Village): Open 7AM-3PM daily Telluride Coffee Company (Mountain Village): Open M-F 8AM-2PM The Pick (Mountain Village):…

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Telluride has really been showing off as of late! Recent snowfall in the high country has created a dramatic backdrop for the radiant golden waves of Aspen trees. As the days grow colder, I'm reminded that ski season kicks off in less than 2 months. With that in mind, here's an update on what's been going on and some info to help you plan your winter trip to Telluride. I love giving recommendations on where to stay, eat, and play, so please reach out with any questions you may have. I hope to see you soon!

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The Telluride/Montrose (TEX/MTJ) 2022-2023 Winter Non-Stop Flight Schedule has been released, and it just keeps getting easier to get to Telluride! 

The new schedule includes daily direct flights from Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Denver and Phoenix, as well as weekly direct flights from San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and Austin:


Schedules vary and change frequently, and continue to be modified monthly as airlines work through the pandemic and recovery.

Please check the individual airline sites for the latest schedules and timetables.

Please refer to current COVID levels and travel recommendations prior to planning. 


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Telluride property owners without a Short Term Rental (STR) license can now apply for a chance to get one! 

In November 2021, Telluride residents voted to cap STRs at their current number, which had conflicting reports at the time, but we now know the exact number was 758. (To get caught up in the saga of Ballot Measure 2D vs. the Citizen's Initiative 300, check out my blog posts and videos on the topic!)  There are certain exceptions that are allowed outside of that number, like primary residences with licenses to AirBnb the property when the owners are out of town, and one-time exceptions when a property sells, in order to allow the license to transfer to the buyer.*

Additionally,  any STR licenses that are surrendered (if a property sells…

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