Summertime in the mountains is pure magic: warm days spent hiking, biking, and playing in the lakes and rivers - cool nights spent relaxing by an outdoor fire. We can hardly wait! Especially, as life in Telluride gets closer to "normal" every day.

In case you are wondering about getting to and staying in Telluride this summer, I've answered some frequently asked questions for you below.

Jeep Telluride

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Well, we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! COVID cases have dropped significantly in our county, and every day seems to creep a little bit closer to pre-pandemic life. While we're still under restrictions and seeing some…

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Telluride Real Estate Activity Report: Q1 2021

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Telluride has clearly felt the real estate frenzy ignited by the pandemic. Inventory has hit 30 year lows as evidenced by only 16 homes and condos available for purchase in Downtown Telluride. This does not mean that Town is dramatically changing or that the market does not still have opportunity. Like-minded people still choose Telluride for its sense of community and small-town living. An interesting spin-off from this influx of new people is an increase in intellectual diversity that has led to more collaboration on many fronts including arts, science, economics and more. This next era may lead to a more diversified regional economy, sophistication and global idea exchange.

San Miguel…

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